Flexibility knows no bounds

Use your touchscreen with your gimbal.

Setting the standard

It doesn't get more flexible than this

No really, it doesn't. Stiff cables are a drag. They have their uses, but keep them off that gimbal! HYPERflex cable is the most flexible LCD/EVF cable out there. It's also the thinnest. Nothing is more ideal for gimbal use.

Our wire is custom made for this application. Flexibility and thinness don't always go hand-in-hand. Some wire is pretty thin, but not very flexible. In the case of HYPERflex, the wire we use is the thinnest of its kind.

Two styles, many lengths

The the most flexible option on the planet for connecting your RED LCD. This style cable is perfect for 90% of gimbal users.  This is our classic design, and has been placed in the hands of hundreds of happy customers since its launch in the second quarter of 2014.

Slightly less flexible than its counterpart, but still far more flexible than the alternatives. This style is perfectly suited either for short-distance, normal production camera builds where the stiff cables are too unwieldy, or for longer-distance, mounted camera/mounted gimbal runs such as jibs and car mounts. The RF barrier adds an extra layer of radio frequency protection for situations that call for it.

Genuine. Is there any other choice?

Really? "Lemo-compatible" should be a big red flag for plugging your expensive monitor into your expensive camera. Those knock-off connectors are known for their unreliability and high rate of failure.

As a matter of principle, we only ever use genuine Lemo brand connectors in our cables, and the quality and reliability is apparent.

A little QC goes a long way

The stakes are high. Your gear is precious. These cables go through two rounds of quality control before they make it into your camera bag. They are checked for pin accuracy, shorting between conductors and for opens.

Our cables are manufactured in a facility that conforms with ISO 9001:2008 specifications. For those that are unaware, this means the facility follows strict guidelines for quality assurance and quality control.

Weather resistance is not futile

We have a very unique boot on our connectors, that in addition to providing strain and bend relief, also resists the elements of nature. This cable has been dragged through the red dirt of Eastern Africa, and the cold snow of mountaintops.

Protected from RF noise

With an amount of protection not often found in flexible wire, HYPERflex with RF Barrier cable is resistant to radio interference from whatever RF sources a film set can throw at it. These cables will often find themselves next to wireless follow focus receivers, video transmitters, radio control devices, set walkies and even cell phones. Know that this wire is well guarded against this invisible onslaught.

HYPERflex with RF Barrier is a new option where zero-interference is mission-critical.

Some other great products

HYPERflex PowerX

Extend power to the camera platform with this HYPERflex cable. Camera and accessories can be powered from the crossbar or your beltpack using the battery plate of your choice.

for M15

Safely transport your gear to the battlefield with a cineTANK. Fit the M15 and the entire MoVI department in a single, manageable, travel-friendly case. Feature-packed and rock-solid.

HYPERflex Motor Cable
for microRemote

Mount the microRemote Basestation on your crossbar, as well as its power source. Only the motor will stay below, near the lens, while this single cable goes between them to control the motor.