Flexibility knows no bounds

A flexible extention cable for mouting your battery on your crossbar, or beltpack.

Coming soon.

Expected Q2 2015. Join the mailing list to be the first to know when it's ready.

Some other great products

HYPERflex PowerX for RED DSMC

Extend power to the camera platform with this HYPERflex cable. Camera and accessories can be powered from the crossbar or your beltpack using the battery plate of your choice.

cineTANK for M15

Safely transport your gear to the battlefield with a cineTANK. Fit the M15 and the entire MoVI department in a single, manageable, travel-friendly case. Feature-packed and rock-solid.

HYPERflex for microRemote Motor

Mount the microRemote Basestation on your crossbar, as well as its power source. Only the motor will stay below, near the lens, while this single cable goes between them to control the motor.