cineTANK Battle Cases

Built for the battlefield.


a hard case for your M15 with a built-in setup stand.

  • Built-in carbon fiber stand means you can leave the C-stand at home and travel light
  • Fits M15 and entire MōVI dual operator kit
  • Made of dense and durable foam
  • Protective overlay extends the life of your foam and labels slots for easy use
  • Uses genuine Pelican case
  • Includes a set of commonly used tools for convenience
  • Travel friendly (does not usually incur oversize baggage fees in US)
  • User-upgradable controller foam insert

Carry your

entire two-operator kit in a single, compact case.

Completely Organized

  • MōVI M15
  • MōVI Controller
  • Wireless Follow Focus such as Axis1 or microRemote
  • Video Downlink such as Paralinx Tomahawk or Teradek Bolt
  • Two 7" monitors
  • Total of 8 Freefly LiPo batteries
  • Freefly LiPo Charger
  • M15 top and bottom mounting plates with rod mount adaptor
  • MōVI Dock
  • Parts kit
  • Battlefield Allen Driver Kit

Save money with Cinetank.

One case, where normally two or three are required

It's not about "packing light" but more about packing small. Remaining compact. Other cases hold around half as much gear as the CineTANK for M15 can carry. Not only do you need to purchase additional cases to carry everything, but if you are flying, you also need to pay more in baggage fees and/or oversize fees.

CineTANK solves that by being space efficient and remaining compact. Your gear is well protected in a small package. Most US airlines limit checked baggage to 62 linear inches (larger incurs oversize fees). The CineTANK for M15 is 62 linear inches, flying under the radar and saving you coin.

Preorders opening soon.

We are making final tweaks and starting fabrication soon. Expected to start shipping by summer. Our mailing list will get first notice of preorders opening up.

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