Products that are designed on a film set

Our shooting days are very productive for us. We set out to shoot a film or commercial, and frequently end up with a new product idea or modification to one.

You see, Battlefield is only one half of the picture.

We are also a production company. We are DPs, gimbal operators. We use these tools every day, and are always looking for ways to improve them.

That is why we create our products. We want to improve the industry that we work in, and we do that by making top-quality products.

There's nothing quite like beta testing something you designed yourself because of a need you discovered in the line of duty.

Who we are


He splits his time between production work and product development. His specialty is making excellent images, but he also likes to make excellent gear. Usually while on set his fellow camera department cohorts will roll their eyes each time he says, "Okay, new product idea..."


Brian knows a thing or two about engineering, which is the primary reason that Austin tolerates him. He also does all the businessy stuff, so that also works in his favor. He's very good at simplifying designs, and critically analyzing a product's viability and market size.

Some great products

HYPERflex PowerX

Extend power to the camera platform with this HYPERflex cable. Camera and accessories can be powered from the crossbar or your beltpack using the battery plate of your choice.

for M15

Safely transport your gear to the battlefield with a cineTANK. Fit the M15 and the entire MoVI department in a single, manageable, travel-friendly case. Feature-packed and rock-solid.


Ultra light, ultra flexible. Your RED Touch LCD in the best interface for controlling your EPIC or SCARLET, so put it to use on your gimbal! This is a premium cable with zero resistance and perfect performance.